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Hazer’s Specialized Equipment

Optical Laser RPS Meter

Through our optical laser RPS meter, you will determine the speed and freeness of operation of the reel. The reel is placed in a bracket with a reflected tape put onto the spool. There is also a small motor that allows the reel to spin to a set RPS, and then we will provide a before and after spool-free spin downtime. For example, we let a reel spin up to 24RPS and time it when it comes to a stop. After that, we repeat the process to see the difference.

Sound dB Level Meter and Sound Box

When you put the reel inside the sound box, it muffles all outside noise except the sound level of the reel. It also registers the sound of the reel. This information is included in the report.

dB Level Meter
Sound Box

Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is important because it can reach areas that are difficult to see or reach, such as a bearing. It also removes grime from gears.