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Make Your Gear Last with Fishing Reel Maintenance Services offers fishing reel maintenance services for freshwater and saltwater reels. We make sure your equipment works smoothly so you can catch fish without a hitch.

Reel Tuning - Minimum $35

We upgrade the bearings, drag, and other components to maximize your fishing reels’ performance. Our reel tuning service includes a special ball bearing upgrade and polishing of the drag mechanism and gears. We can also add Carbontex drag washers

A special ball bearing upgrade allows your reel to spin more freely. The polishing of the brass drag mechanism and gears allows for smoother adjustment and operation. (All additional parts cost extra.)

Reel Cleaning uses specialized equipment to assess the condition of the reel and provide a detailed report on what needs to be cleaned or repaired. We will completely dismantle, clean, and lube every component. We will remove old grease, oil, accumulated dirt and sand, grime, and sludge. 

Any worn parts, such as drag components, will be replaced and lubricated properly. We will also clean the gears and bearings with an ultrasonic cleaner. In addition, we will replace the lubricant in the reel.  

We perform a thorough fishing reel inspection of all parts for wear and damage. If we notice a problem, well recommend a repair. (Parts always cost extra.)

Rates for Complete Reel Cleaning/Lubrication

Shipping and Handling

Reels not repaired will be charged returned shipping costs. Ship your reel to us, and always keep your tracking number.

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For more information about fishing reel maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions. 

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