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Fishing Reel Repairs for Freshwater and Saltwater Reels

Keeping your fishing reel in good condition is one of the keys to successful angling. But water, soil, and sand can easily damage your equipment. Maintain your gear and make sure the mechanisms operate seamlessly with the help of offers fishing reel repairs. We specialize in servicing, cleaning, and optimizing any reel.  

When you send your reels to us, we will clean, repair, and tune them if specified. We also provide repair technical data (revolutions per second of the reel before and after repair and sound decibel levels before and after repair). We supply this repair specification report on your reels when they’re returned. If specified, it is an extra charge

Services We Offer

Reel Cleaning

We use specialized equipment to determine the condition of your reel. We completely disassemble all parts so we can inspect any issues or damage before thoroughly cleaning and tuning. We make sure to replace any worn parts, such as drag components, and properly lubricate the reel.

Testing Equipment

Before and after cleaning or tuning, we use an optical sensor to determine the reel’s RPS (rounds per second) ratings and a dB soundbox with a sound meter. The optical sensor allows us to see the reel’s performance by allowing it to spin longer and further than before. A decibel (dB) sound level is important for people who like peace and quiet when fishing.

We provide a free-flowing and spinning spool to give our customers the best fishing experience possible. The RPS is proof that your reel arrives with performance. Our services will include RPS and sound level reports, if requested and for extra charge.

Reel Tuning

To help you get the most out of your fishing reels, we can upgrade your reel’s bearings, drags, and more. Our reel tuning service includes special ball bearing upgrades and polishing of drag and gear mechanisms.

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Since 2018, has provided the absolute best fishing reel services, including cleaning, tuning, and optimization. We are the only reel repair company that offers specialized testing equipment and a report from our specialized equipment. In addition, we also clean and tune saltwater and freshwater reels. With over 30 years of experience, we care for your fishing equipment as much as you do.

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